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Internet Phone Service

Home and Small Office Phone Service for Up to 4 Extensions
Perfect for Small Business and Home Offices.

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BaronTEL’s SoHo Business Telephone Service provides the flexibility and professionalism you want in a telephone system without the big expense.

The SoHo Business Phone Service will provide all the features of BaronTEL's other service plans.

  • Keep your existing phone number(s)

  • Get new local and/or
    Toll-Free numbers any time

  • Managed Cloud Hosted PBX
    Tell us what you need
    and we'll set it up for you quickly.

  • Follow me
    Avoid missing important calls

  • Call Waiting
    Callers to your organization
    don't hear busy signals,
    they can hear music or your company ads

  • Call monitoring*
    Some businesses want the ability
    to listen to calls coming in and
    to be able to talk to the
    called extension.

  • Call Transfer
    transfer calls to other
    extensions or other phone numbers.

  • Customizable Auto Attendant
    Personalize the greetings people hear
    when they call your organization.

  • Extension Dialing
    Call other extensions
    in your company regardless
    of their physical location.

  • DISA
    Staff can call from outside
    like a cell phone or home phone and
    dial out as if at your office.

  • Ring groups
    Have calls to departments
    go to specific extensions in your company.

  • Record Calls
    Record incoming or
    outgoing calls for future reference.

  • 3-way Conferencing
    Conference between 3 people
    and optionally conference between
    many people.
    Add a conference number for
    outside clients/staff.

  • Music on Hold or Company Ads on Hold

  • Voice Mail to Email
    Have any voice mail sent to
    email with maessage attached.

  • Mobility add an app to smartphones and calls to your extension will ring on your smartphone. Make calls and your office phone number and name appear on the callee's phone.

  • Crystal Clear HD Sound
    Get an instant quote for your voice system here

Products and Services
BaronTEL offers plans based on the number of people using phones. The quality of service is exactly the same for each package.

  • Telephony Services
  • Desktop Telephones
  • Conference Phones
  • Video Phones
  • PBX Customization
  • Office Network Configuration

BaronTEL Info

Toll Free: 888.241.8647
Toronto: 416.477.5411
FAX: 647.693.9492

BaronTEL provides the highest degree of quality service.
It's something you'll come to expect from BaronTEL
You want the BEST. You've found it.
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