Business Telephone Service Plan
for 5 to 20 Phone extensions

Full featured and customizable Cloud Hosted PBX or local PBX.

customer service

BaronTEL’s Business Enhanced Phone Service Plan provides Businesses with 5 to 20 physical phone extensions and/or softphones with dependable service and HD sound quality.

BaronTEL can make enhancements and changes to your internal routing should you want. It's only a phone call away.

BaronTEL will provide your company, school or organization with all the customization and features you require for a reliable high quality phone system..

unlimited calling

  • Keep your existing phone number(s)

  • Get new local and/or
    toll-free numbers any time

  • Managed Cloud Hosted PBX
    Never buy another PBX.
    No maintenance on your part.
    BaronTEL maintains your PBX.

  • Follow me
    Avoid missing important calls.
    Automatically forward incoming calls to
    one or more telephone numbers.

  • Call Waiting
    Callers to your organization
    don't hear busy signals,
    they can hear music or your company ads

  • Call monitoring*
    Some businesses want the ability
    to listen to calls coming in and to be able
    to talk to the called extension

  • Call Transfer
    Transfer calls to other
    extensions or other phone numbers

  • Customizable Auto Attendant
    Personalize the greetings people hear
    when they call your organization.
    Add multiple Auto Attendants for
    mulitple companies.

  • Extension Dialing
    Call other extensions in your
    company regardless of their physical

  • DISA
    Employees can call from outside
    using a cell phone or home phone and
    dial out as if at your office

  • Ring groups
    Have calls to departments
    go to specific extensions in
    your company

  • Record Calls**
    Record incoming or outgoing calls
    for future reference.

  • Conferencing
    Conference up to 20 participants
    Add a conference number for outside

  • Music on Hold
    Callers on hold can hear music or
    your customized ads.

  • Voice Mail to Email
    Send voicemail with message attached
    to email.

  • Mobility
    add an app to smartphones and calls to your extension will ring on your smartphone. Make calls and your office phone number and name appear on the callee's phone

  • Crystal Clear HD Sound

Products and Services
BaronTEL offers plans based on the number of people using phones. The quality of service is exactly the same for each package.

  • Telephony Services
  • Desktop Telephones
  • Conference Phones
  • Video Phones
  • PBX Customization
  • Office Network Configuration

BaronTEL Info

Toll Free: 888.241.8647
Toronto: 416.477.5411
FAX: 647.693.9492

BaronTEL provides the highest degree of quality service.
It's something you'll come to expect from BaronTEL
You want the BEST. You've found it.
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