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What does BaronTEL Provide

BaronTEL provides reliable, high quality, low-cost telephone services to businesses, schools and offices

What is VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It's the ability to communicate (phone calls and Faxes) using an internet connection. It provides cost savings for local and long distance calls and faxes. VoIP telephony with BaronTEL also provides VPN security (encryption) of the media (voice and fax) protecting your privacy. VoIP for Business also provides superior quality sound experience

Why choose BaronTEL

You need reliability. You want instant support, you want peace of mind and you want to signifigantly reduce your telecommunication costs. You want a provider located in the same city as your business, organization or school.

BaronTEL will substantially reduce your commuications costs. Don't confuse this with cheap phone service. BaronTEL doesn't provide 'cheap phone service'. Quite the opposite. BaronTEL provides supeior telephone services at a fraction of the cost of major providers.

BaronTEL provides peace of mind by providing a rock solid foundation for cloud hosted PBX's which is the heart and soul of the company or organization's telephone system.

BaronTEL provides secure communications between the company offices and BaronTEL. Your phone calls are encrypted to provide you with security

BaronTEL network is unparalleled in reliability

BaronTEL support is extremely fast.

BaronTel provides consistent premium HD phone service quality.

BaronTel Cloud hosted PBX is always available.

On-premise requires a server and competant IT staff.


BaronTEL provides premium professional telephony services

On of the most important aspects of providing a premium quality phone service is support. BaronTel support is almost instantaneous - just dial 611.

BaronTel telephony service is greatly enhanced by our unparalleled network. Since we own our servers and other network devices, we know them inside and out.

BaronTel does not oversell! It's important to understand services can be oversold. What happens when phone service is oversold is degradation in the quality of sound. Something BaronTEL doesn't let happen.

About BaronTEL

BaronTEL is a Canadian Phone Service Provider Company based in Toronto. BaronTEL provides reliable and scalable telephony service solutions to companies of all sizes all over Canada and U.S.A.

BaronTEL owns all of its servers, switches and routers. BaronTEL backbone network is second to none and provides a superior degree of reliability.


Products and Services
BaronTEL offers plans based on the number of people using phones. The quality of service is exactly the same for each package.

  • Telephony Services
  • Desktop Telephones
  • Conference Phones
  • Video Phones
  • PBX Customization
  • Office Network Configuration

BaronTEL Info

Toll Free: 888.241.8647
Toronto: 416.477.5411
FAX: 647.693.9492

BaronTEL provides the highest degree of quality service.
It's something you'll come to expect from BaronTEL
You want the BEST. You've found it.
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